Waiting for Dawn

By Susam Pal on 24 Jul 2010

This is my second attempt at composing music. This piece consists of 147 measures. It is approximately 4 minutes 28 seconds long.

MP3 Score Lilypond Details

The mental image I had while composing this piece was that of a guy, sitting alone in a dark night, waiting for the night to pass and the dawn to arrive. 0:00–1:30 of the piece represents the night. 1:30–2:15 is the time when the darkness starts fading away and the sky turns red. Everything after 2:15 is about welcoming and enjoying the dawn.

For me this mental image doesn't just represent a particular night passing away due to the rotation of our planet. It represents how we should handle tough times, heartbreaks, loss, etc. in our personal lives. We should remain calm, wait for tough times to pass and good times to come, and when the bad times give way to good times again, we should welcome and enjoy the good times.