About Susam's Maze

Welcome to my maze of musings! This is my space on the web to write and share my notes, puzzles, thoughts, and experiments.

Maze of Musings

This website is an accompaniment to my primary blog hosted at susam.net/blog/. My primary blog is also mirrored at susam.github.io/blog/. The posts on my primary blog tend to be long-form, involved, and detailed. They sometimes take considerable time to write and publish. As a result, I don't update my primary blog very often.

This is my secondary blog hosted at susam.net/maze/ and mirrored at susam.github.io/maze/.

This secondary blog is supposed to be a relaxed place where I can write often without worrying too much about polishing each post. This is a place where I take technical notes, quickly share anything interesting I come across, jot down my thoughts, and so on. Due to the casual nature of this secondary blog, the posts here are going to be less thorough than the ones in my primary blog. This allows me to update this blog more often.

The name maze refers to the first toy, a ball-in-a-maze puzzle, I had received as a four-year-old kid.


This website is a descendant of an intranet server named maze that I used to run for my fellow students during my engineering study days back in 2001-2005. The server used to host an FTP server and an HTTP portal for mathematics puzzles, free software downloads, and audio/video streaming. While that intranet portal and its source code written in Classic ASP are now long gone, some of its content still survives on this website.

About This Website

This is a static website generated using a Common Lisp program. See github.com/susam/maze for the source code of this website.

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About Me

I am a security software developer by profession and an open source software developer by hobby. When not involved with technology, I like reading books, playing the piano, and travelling. You can find me as susam on Libera IRC and as @susam on Twitter. See my other about page on my primary blog for more details about me.