Comments on Quicksort with Jenkins for Fun and No Profit

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Junnp said:

This post has awakened ancient pagan demons. Only purification by fire can save us now. Please shut down all of your Jenkins machines before it is too late.

25 Jan 2024 17:11 GMT (#1 of 6 comments)

Max said:

Awesome! I have seen worse Jenkins pipelines than this.

25 Jan 2024 17:12 GMT (#2 of 6 comments)

Scruple said:

I maintain worse Jenkins pipelines than this. Reminds me, I need to restock some whiskey.

25 Jan 2024 20:16 GMT (#3 of 6 comments)

Chris Hare said:

Anyone know of a version that is no fun and many profit? Asking for a friend.

25 Jan 2024 21:41 GMT (#4 of 6 comments)

Ch33zer said:

Chris, Becoming an expert on jenkins then selling your services as a 'jenkins consultant'.

25 Jan 2024 21:44 GMT (#5 of 6 comments)

M463 said:

This is like a flower sprouting out of the ground of an abandoned factory.

25 Jan 2024 23:22 GMT (#6 of 6 comments)
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