Search User Comment on Jira

By Susam Pal on 20 Feb 2024

I have been using Jira for a very long time now. I first came across it while contributing to Apache projects in 2006. I find the search features of Jira to be remarkably clumsy and inadequate. Nevertheless, very recently I learnt to solve a common problem of mine. Let us say, I know a user named alice has commented about a specific topic in some Jira ticket. How do I find that ticket? Here is the search filter for it:

issueFunction in commented("by alice") and comment ~ 'hello'

The above example would search all comments by user alice that contains the string 'hello'. However one limitation of this solution is that the issueFunction field is provided by ScriptRunner for Jira to be available, so you need this app to be available on your Jira for this solution to work.

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