About RWX

RWX is a quirky corner of my website where I keep my recent notes and observations across various topics. Each post here contains a collection of concise updates, ranging from interesting books and articles I have recently encountered to handy code snippets and commands.

The name RWX is of course inspired by the Unix permissions r, w, and x which stand for read, write, and execute. Indeed, in this section, I gather bits and fragments of content related to what I have been reading, writing, or executing recently. But RWX could also mean "recent weekly explorations" or "random weekly explorations". I publish a new post here roughly once every one or two weeks.

This section serves as a buffer zone where I can freely archive my notes, thoughts, and explorations without having to bother with refining them or organising them extensively. Some entries may eventually be turned into complete blog posts, while others will remain as fragments indefinitely.

An unusual aspect of this section is its conservative tagging approach. Pages are tagged sparingly, with not all discussed topics receiving tags. For instance, a post might include updates on multiple subjects, including Emacs (see example), yet may not be tagged #emacs. This is to avoid flooding readers subscribed to specific tag feeds with less substantial posts from this section. Consequently, browsing the Tags section does not help in locating RWX posts related to a specific topic.

Moreover, when browsing through the post titles on RWX, you'll notice that each one only includes the initial two topics discussed within the post. As a result, the titles may not fully reflect the entirety of the content. The best way to ascertain what a post contains is by visiting it directly. This may be seen as a feature or a limitation. On one hand, the posts in this section are not easy to search by topic, on the other hand each post you visit may offer an element of surprise. Regardless, I hope you find this section fun.

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