By Susam Pal on 27 Apr 2007

The Open Source Vulnerability Database (OSVDB) is participating in Google Summer of Code (GSoC) this year. I have been contributing to OSVDB as a vulnerability mangler since Aug 2006 and analyzing new vulnerabilities being published by security researchers, adding more details to them depending on the nature and severity of the vulnerabilities, and cataloging them. Our internal systems for cataloging vulnerabilities could use some help from more contributors, so it is great that OSVDB is participating in GSoC this year.

Last month we selected some potential contributors from a pile of applications. One of them is Timothy F. Tutt Jr. who will be doing the Researcher Confidence Project for OSVDB.

In the commenting system for OSVDB contributors, Brian Martin a.k.a. Jericho, one of the project leaders, wrote this comment that I found quite funny:

Don't think I need to argue how big this is to me, given the time I spend arguing with researchers and vendors. If we approve this and I am not the mentor, I will feed Jake to a woodchipper.