Classic Computation Circle

Welcome to this classic computation circle! This is a tiny and informal hobby group that picks classics from the field of mathematics and computation, read them, and discuss them together.


To join this our discussions, visit the link below to join our Matrix channel. All meeting schedule updates are announced in this channel:

In case you are familiar with IRC networks and like it more than Matrix, then you may join #susam on the Libera IRC network instead. The Matrix and IRC channels are bridged together, so messages posted to one channel are automatically copied to the other channel. If you are not an active IRC user, prefer joining the Matrix channel instead because it is more convenient for someone unfamiliar with IRC.

Current Activities

Mastering Emacs (Started on 16 Dec 2022)

Completed Activites

Introduction to Analytic Number Theory (05 May 2021 to 01 Oct 2021, 120 meetings)

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Mastering Emacs

Introduction to Analytic Number Theory

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