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Code Glitch said:

I've heard this before and it does sound like the most epic hack in the history of programming.

12 Nov 2021 19:32 GMT (#1 of 4 comments)

E12E said:

100 million miles

That looks like about 9 light minutes away, so about 18 minute latency! It might be super epic, but doesn't sound super nice. :)

12 Nov 2021 20:44 GMT (#2 of 4 comments)

Qem said:

Recently there was a bit of a fuss when people discovered that the Mars Ingenuity helicopter runs Python3. Now I wonder, if its software ever crashes, will people be able to just launch the Python REPL and debug it?

12 Nov 2021 22:09 GMT (#3 of 4 comments)

Roguas said:

Qem, That is the thing about functional programming in general. Data is the centerpiece. State is just data. Program is just data. Capture data, feed it locally, and get results.

16 Nov 2021 13:41 GMT (#4 of 4 comments)
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