Mathematics Storm

By Susam Pal on 15 May 2011

From Freenode IRC #math channel this morning:

<oops> I have a confusion. the calculation that was giving
       me 2 bits earlier is not giving me 2 bits now. :( please help.
<oops> 4 equally probable symbols: so 4 * (1/4) * log(1 / 1/4), right?
<antonfire> yeah math changes sometimes.
<antonfire> probably a math storm
<antonfire> wait a few minutes and try again
<_Ray_> try logging out and back in
<oops> so, so 1 * log(4) = 2
<oops> oh it is giving me 2 bits again
<mariano|syzygy> hmmm, actually he was not his advisor
<oops> thanks, nvm.
<sig^> try switching math off and on again
<thermoplyae> haha
<_Ray_> yeah, it was the router
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