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Open Source Work

2023–2023 FXYT Author Tiny, stack-based, postfix, canvas colouring language.
2023–2023 CFRS[] Author Extremely minimal turtle graphics with only 6 simple commands.
2023–2023 PC Face Author Bitmap arrays to render CP437 glyphs using PC OEM fonts
2022–2023 Devil Author Emacs minor mode for key translation and modifier-free editing
2022–2023 NIMB Author A simple client tool that bridges IRC and Matrix channels
2022–2023 Invaders Author A 1980s-arcade-style invaders game written in HTML5
2021–2022 Emfy Author Emacs kit for general purpose editing and programming
2021–2022 Muboard Author Self-rendering virtual mathematics chalkboards for the web
2021–2021 Portacle Contributor Fixed paren matching (#18) and file name autocomplete (#19)
2020–2022 Emacs4CL Author Common Lisp development environment for Emacs
2020–2022 SPCSS Author Simple, minimal, classless CSS for simple HTML pages
2019–2022 MinTOTP Author Minimal TOTP generator in Python
2018–2020 Pylava Maintainer Community maintained fork of Pylama, code linter for Python
2018–2022 TeXMe Author Self-rendering Markdown + LaTeX documents
2018–2019 Slimv Contributor Improved support for Screen and tmux (#66), ECL (#87), Clojure 1.5+ (#88), and Clojure on Unix/Linux (#89 and #90)
2018–2018 GitPR Author Reference guide on GitHub fork and pull request workflow
2015–2021 Uncap Author Keyboard remapper to map Caps Lock to Escape
2012–2022 Author Mathematics pastebin with LaTeX and Markdown support
2010–2017 Vimer Author Vim tool to open files in existing instance of GVim/MacVim
2008–2019 QuickQWERTY Author Touch typing tutor that runs in a web browser
2007–2009 Apache Nutch Contributor Authentication schemes (#559), live recrawl (#601), DoS mitigation (#044), URL filtering (#612), and crawl configuration (#735).
2007–2008 WASC Script Mapping Contributor Automatic creation of a comprehensive list of all XSS attack vectors across major web browsers
2006–2008 OSVDB Contributor Analysis of security advisories


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From Pylama to Pylava: Building a Community Mantained Fork of Pylama
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OWASP Top Ten Security Vulnerabilities
OWASP Meetup, InfyCity, Bangalore, India (Video)