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JB said:

Interesting discussion. I gained something today by remembering you.

23 Oct 2008 04:00 GMT (#1 of 4 comments)

Notya Bisnes said:

I wouldn't call it a coincidence since to me the pseudocode problem is basically a reformulation of the original problem in terms of the recurrence relation.

But the way to solve it is quite neat. Especially the combinatoric argument.

16 Sep 2020 20:07 GMT (#2 of 4 comments)

Whirligig said:

Notya Bisnes, I think the story is that they both came up with reformulations of the same problem and asked them to each other over the same lunch. I for one find that quite amusing.

19 Sep 2020 19:25 GMT (#3 of 4 comments)

Notya Bisnes said:

Whirligig, Now that you mention it, that's pretty much the case. I don't know why I got hung on the "coincidence" thing. How dumb can I be, haha.

19 Sep 2020 19:41 GMT (#4 of 4 comments)
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