Guess My RGB 0.1.0

By Susam Pal on 03 Apr 2024

Guess My RGB 0.1.0 is the first stable release of this tiny colour guessing game. The game is available as a single HTML page that runs in a web browser. It presents a page with a randomly chosen background colour. The player then needs to guess the three RGB hexademical digits that make the given background colour. See for more information about this game.

I wrote this game last Saturday afternoon and shared it on my website at myrgb.html later in the evening. I had no intention of sharing this with a wide audience yet because I had not had sufficient time testing it well. But somehow a Hacker News (HN) user named talonx discovered this game on Sunday morning and shared it on HN in this post:

Since I had not shared this game with anyone anywhere yet, I was quite surprised to wake up Sunday morning and find my game trending at the top of HN. I believe this is where maintaining an RSS feed on my website might have helped. Every new page that I publish on this website also appears as an entry in the RSS feed for this website. This feed can be found here: feed.xml. I have a couple of hundred subscribers to this feed. It is very likely that the HN user who shared this game on HN found it through this feed.

Ever since this game was shared on HN, my website has received a large number of hits. In the last three days (excluding today), this game has received a total of 166102 hits. The actual numbers for each day look like this:

Date Hits
31 Mar 2024 95467
01 Mar 2024 48330
02 Mar 2024 22305

To all visitors of this website who played this game and shared this game with others, thank you! Crafting tiny software tools like this is a creative outlet for me. To know that there are others out there who enjoyed this game brings me joy!

To play this game, go to myrgb.html now and guess some colours!