CFRS[] 0.2.0

By Susam Pal on 06 Apr 2024

CFRS[] 0.2.0 is a minor update of CFRS[], an extremely minimal drawing language consisting of only 6 simple commands. This update brings minor changes to the built-in help screen that can be invoked by typing ? in the input pane. For example, the help screen now has a direct links to built-in demos and community demos. Further, based on community feedback, the description of the ] command has been updated with clearer language that better clarifies that this command repeats a repeatable block once (i.e., executes the repeatable block again). See the changelog for more details.

To read more about CFRS[], go to Visit cfrs.html to play with CFRS[] now and draw some nice pictures and animation. If you end up developing any cool demos, do share them by creating a new post on its GitHub repository.