Introduction to Analytic Number Theory Book Discussions

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Meeting time: 17:00 UTC from Tuesday to Friday, usually.

Meeting duration: 40 minutes.

Book: Introduction to Analytic Number Theory (Apostol, 1976)

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Meeting log: 120 meetings

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Started: 05 Mar 2021

Ended: 01 Oct 2021

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The primary reference book for these meetings is Introduction to Analytic Number Theory written by Tom M. Apostol. Admittedly, the book is quite expensive but you may find a relatively cheap paperback (softcover) copy on some websites.

These meetings are hosted by Susam and attended by some members of #math and #algorithms channels of Libera IRC network as well as by some members from Hacker News.

You are welcome to join these meetings anytime. If you are concerned that the meetings may not make sense if you join when we are in the middle of a chapter, please free to talk to us about it in the group channel. I can recommend the next best time to begin joining the meetings. Usually, it would be when we begin reading a new section or chapter that is fairly self-contained and does not depend a lot on material we have read previously.