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Ivo said:

If we consider optimal attention span, a microcentury is much too long. Two half microcenturies with a pause in between would be better.

18 Jul 2020 10:59 GMT (#1 of 4 comments)

Hillel Wayne said:

I like this analysis a lot! But there's one more twist to the story: are we even using the right definition of year? There's actually several different ways we can define a year:

For each of these we can define the microcentury as a hundred microyears. So the sidereal microcentury is +35.81 seconds, while the tropical microcentury is +35.69 seconds. The NIST microcentury is +33.6 seconds, while the Julian microcentury is +35.76 seconds (as you calculated).

Personally, I'd define a calendar microcentury as a four-millionth of 400 years to match the leap year cycle. That'd give us +35.692 seconds.

18 Jul 2020 19:07 GMT (#2 of 4 comments)

François Best said:

We had a running joke in engineering school, that π seconds is close to a nanocentury by around 6 nanomonths, we obviously didn't go that far in calculations, so I wonder if it still holds.

20 Nov 2020 07:26 GMT (#3 of 4 comments)

Adam Sangala said:

Elon Musk says he is willing to spend $6 billion to fight world hunger if all hungry people relocate to Mars. So it could be good idea to calculate how long one milionth of a century on Mars is!

03 Nov 2021 12:16 GMT (#4 of 4 comments)
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